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If you didnt know, our good friend Sarah personally designed this great logo just for Jay! 
   Now you can show your support to the world and wear these shirts and other items.
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October 21 2017
Redeemer Hall
328 Village Hill Rd
Lebanon CT

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Super Hero Spaghetti Supper #2

Come have a BLAST at our benefit dinner! 

The event date is special to us ths year. It was the week before holloween two years ago when this whole thing started! They said Jay would not be alive right now, but we are provong them wrong and rewriting the rules! It is also just 2 weeks after Jay's 47th birthday!

Our first dinner was so much fun! Jay does not remember too much, as he was just post surgery. We had over 250 people, 100+ raffle items, a DJ, A gift shop...So much more! We could not have gotten this far without you all! This event should sell out. So get your ticlets now, and get ready to party like a super hero!!! 

October 21 2017   -  4PM-7PM   -   Redeemer Hall   -   328 Village Hill Rd   -   Lebanon CT

To make a donation to the raffle or event contact Jaci #860-303-2493 or email

Look around the site to learn more about getting logo shirts and decals,  our $1 challenge, and Learn more about our story. 

Super Hero Benefit Dinner

OCTOBER 21, 2017


Reedemer Hall
328 Village Hill Rd,  
Lebanon CT 06249

TIX online, locally available via some awesome friends who have them to sell or Jaci Sinkewicz

Phone: +1 (860) 303 2493

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