Party Time

  Thinking about having a night in with the girls?    Tired of big brand name jewelry?? Book a glass party!

I will bring everything I have to your place, and let you and your friends shop! Build sales and bookings to get great free stuff!

Choose to have a "pick your own beads" party.

I bring the beads & findings, you pick out pieces to make your own custom jewelry!

Even if some of your guests are not feeling all that ambitious or creative, shop the redymade inventory while your other guests create and enjoy! This party takes more time than a traditional home party. Please plan an extra hour or so to assemble custom pieces.

*Not all custom pieces may be created the same day*

The great part is that this is a show that will never be the same twice! Always new and exciting!

Want something more?

Decide on a theme color, and I will make sure you have many custom choices in that color OR make it a pre-wedding bash to make your wedding jewelry unique and amazing....

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Super Hero Benefit Dinner

OCTOBER 21, 2017


Reedemer Hall
328 Village Hill Rd,  
Lebanon CT 06249

TIX online, locally available via some awesome friends who have them to sell or Jaci Sinkewicz

Phone: +1 (860) 303 2493

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